WTF Is Wrong with Facebook?

Dear Facebook, WTF? Love, Ace WTF Reason Number 1: Breast Feeding Facebook has for a long time now allowed users to report inappropriate pictures. Many times people will report a picture of a women breastfeeding as inappropriate and Facebook will remove the picture. There is nothing inappropriate about a women breast feeding. The following Flickr […]

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A Modern Day Romance: A Fictional Account

Mixing Facebook and relationships is like mixing peach schnapps and calculus. Jonathon Berlin on the Chicago Tribune website explains this to us in a way we can understand: To find out the continuation of Kevin, Jennifer, and Amy’s love triangle story, visit the Chicago Tribune.

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Breaking News: Block All Facebook Applications

You may now block all Facebook applications from sending you invites or block that one specific person who seems to invite you to join every single application on Facebook. Finally!

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Student May Be Expelled for Creating Facebook Group

Chris Avenir, a freshman student at Ryerson University in Toronto, is up against possible expulsion for creating a Facebook group. The purpose for the group was to create a way for students to help each other on homework assignments and other class work much as they would inside a real classroom in a 20th century […]

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