Saying Thanks In The Business World Without Forking Over A Ferrari

The business world is a fascinating place, and although college classes can help you gain industry knowledge, there’s simply nothing like experience to prepare you for excelling in business. Whether through internships or securing your first job, you’ve likely witnessed quite a bit of emphasis on meeting budget and doing all possible to reduce costs […]

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17 More Jobs to Waste Your College Degree On

If the first 10 highest paying jobs you don’t need your college degree for did not interest you, here is a list of the next 17: 27. General and operations manager Average salary: $48,000 per year 26. Database, network and computer systems administrator Average salary: $48,000 per year 25. Network systems and data communications analyst […]

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The Best Jobs to Waste Your College Degree On

The following jobs are the highest paying jobs you can get without having a college degree: 10. Real estate broker Average salary: $58,720 per year 9. Computer software engineer Average salary: $58,900 per year 8. Municipal fire fighting and prevention supervisor Average salary: $58,902 per year 7. Forest fire fighting and prevention supervisor Average salary: […]

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Men Build House in Office Building

SALT LAKE CITY — As part of a cubical war, an office decides to build a house for a coworker when he goes on a three-week trip.

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5 Reasons Why the MacBook Air Sucks: Macbook Air Parodies

Apple’s newest laptop, the MacBook Air, is being talked about by everybody, though it has some serious issues. Reason number 1: You can fit it in a manila envelope. This is the best only selling point of the product. Well, quite frankly, it sucks. This is the original Apple MacBook Air 30-second ad spot: Reason […]

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