National No-More-Bush Day

In celebration of President Bush leaving office, students all over the nation have been shaving their bushes. “Whether you like him or not—and I sure don’t—shaving my [bush] is the best thing I could have done to celebrate,” writes Sue Johnson of Boston. Linda told us, “at least my boyfriend will be happy.” Well, I’m […]

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Friday Funnies: Prop. 8

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Last Chance to Vote

In continuation to our Are You Voting? and our Don’t Vote! post here is another for those of you that want to make a difference. I received the following email from a strange email address, but the information is still valid. Register and get your absentee ballots now: Last Chance to Register and Vote! In […]

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Are You Voting: Update

An update to our previous post, Are You Voting? The answer is no:

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Are You Voting?

College students are known for being advocates. And we should be. The least amount of advocacy one can do is to vote. So if you are not registered, you may still have time. If you are registered, make sure to get an absentee ballot from your home state. Many states like Massachusetts have all the […]

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