4 Ways To Use Technology To Help You Do Better In School!

With the arrival of smart phones and tablets, people have become more productive and efficient. Now people can use these tools to organize their chores, manage their resources and above all supervise their day-to-day tasks. These blessings of technology have particularly facilitated the busy students who can enjoy more time and freedom than before. Using […]

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Four Ways to Make Your Lectures Less Boring

Having a hard time staying awake during lectures? Being a student, I loved exams, yes, I really loved them, because they gave the opportunity to see what knowledge and skills I was able to get during the period of my study. And now I understand, that every exam was worth passing. But there was one […]

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Diploma Mill Scams: Spotting the Red Flags

The practice of handing out fake diplomas and degrees to people is far from new. In fact, the earliest known diploma mill was exposed in the late 19th century – almost 140 years ago. But it’s not surprising that it’s easier to get tricked into paying for a fake education certificate now than ever before. […]

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The Pros And Cons Of Studying Abroad, What Every Student Must Know!

Studying abroad is one fantasy that every student wants to fulfill once in a lifetime. So if you are one of those passionate students desperately seeking an admission in a foreign university, here are some pros and cons of studying abroad that you must give a serious thought before applying for your student visa: 1) […]

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How to Declare War on Your Deadlines: Last-Minute Advice

Whoops, your deadline is just a few days away and you have done nothing on your essay. Other students have spent weeks reading the right books for the essay, and you have zoned it out until the last minute. You are now in an emergency situation so you are going to have to take a […]

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