The Rise of Cocktail Culture: Not Just for Mad Men

Cocktails have been a staple of bars in America for years. Whether it is a classic drink, like a Manhattan or martini, or an easy combo of rum and coke or 7 and 7, ordering a cocktail is typically a straightforward affair. But much like the foodie and craft beer cultures, cocktails are now getting […]

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Is The Internet The New Cupid?

There was a time when meeting someone was something that happened by chance and almost always in person. You would run into someone on the street, in a bar or club, or at a club where you share common interests. Most couples would have ended up meeting in high school, college, graduate school, or even […]

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Meet New People: The 5 Largest College-Age Meetups in the U.S.

Starting your first year of college is a difficult task in and of itself; moving to an entirely new city to do so can be even more stressful. Finding your way around, meeting new people and becoming generally accustomed to a new way of life requires both courage and commitment, but even when you don’t […]

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Cheap Travel Options for College Students

Being away from home at college for the first time is one of the quintessential experiences of growing up, but traveling on your own can be an even more exciting and liberating experience. Whether you’re looking for a cheap ticket home for the holidays or a spring break vacation package, you should be aware of […]

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Crime Scene Investigation: As exciting as it is on TV?

As one of the most popular shows on television, CSI has undoubtedly inspired many people to pursue the enticing career of being a crime scene investigator. As exciting as it appears to be on TV, some viewers interested in pursuing a career in crime scene investigation may be wondering how accurate the media’s depiction of […]

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